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Welcome aboard for your next magical adventure

Creating memories together

Each wonderland session is crafted to create an engaging, magical experience for children through storytelling, music, art and play. Qualified and experienced international school teachers lead each session with a weekly changing or building program. Rather than having a set space, we can travel to you or organise pop-up events in special settings.

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Why choose Wonderland?

We know how to craft an experience that is fun, inspiring and inclusive for a range of ages. As parents, we realised there was a gap between full preschool programs and one-off classes… so we created our own. Each week our story and theme is different, where possible connecting with cultural festivals or events.

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Music, Storytelling and Sensory / Art

A full Wonderland experience is immersive, creative and fun for all the family. These 2 he sessions combine the best of all we offer - an inspiring and engaging music session, a quick fruit break to reset, fun storytelling with puppets or props and an art or sensory activity. 

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